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66 Songhees Road

Victoria, BC

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Shutters is a 185 unit complex Located at 66 Songhees Road 68 Songhees Road and 5 units on Kimta Road This upscale residence has a concierge and the Aveda Spa Some of the homes have nice views of the water

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13-06-01, 7:46 p.m.

Lots of style with little substance

There good Location is great Units are spacious and well laid out The exterior entrances are cool I am satisfied as a renter but you would be CRAZY to buy here The Bad Finishings are mediocre lousy cabinetry cheap granite the white exterior is grungy and fences are rusted though these are being repainted Pipes seem to burst regularly and since many units are vacation homes nobody is around to notice so leaks have caused massive damage Right now ALL of the resort style amenities are leaking or under repair Turns out building a water garden on top of a car park wasn't so smart The following email was circulated by strata council recently To All Residents The landscaping and the pool deck continue to be sources of water ingress into the parkade Work is being done on these areas to source the leaks and make necessary repairs Water from the Steam Room was leaking into a mechanical room in the garage It remains closed while repairs are in progress The West Hot Tub is leaking and will remain closed while the situation is being investigated Water is leaking into the Swimming Pool The pool will remain closed while the leak is investigated and repaired Due to water leaks into the parkade the East Hot Tub will be closed Part of the granite stone deck adjacent to the East Hot Tub will be removed in order to source and repair the leak in this area At this time we do not know the extent of the repairs necessary or how long the repairs will take

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