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For Immediate Release.


The website, which has helped thousands of Condo Renters and Buyers since 2008, is now redesigned to offer a complete list of all condos currently available or in development in the City of Toronto. In time, the site will offer a list of condo projects in all of North America’s major Urban Centers.

Condo Advisory has been the  most reliable source of authentic information for condo ratings and reviews since 2008 containing a database of over 21,000 condo property listings in North America. allows Condo Owners and Renters to go online and rate their experience for the benefit of parties interested in that market. This information helps new Condo Buyers in assessing and evaluating their potential condo purchase. It also helps potential Renters to make informed decisions as to their new homes. also provides Condo Owners, Property Management Corporations and Builders the opportunity to strive for an excellent rating of their property when current tenants are provided excellent value and experience.

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