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4099 Stolberg Street

Richmond, BC

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average rating is 2 out of 5


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Remy at 4099 Stolberg Street A new urban village offering stylish concrete and glass condos Located Cambie and Garden City

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14-03-18, 10:51 a.m.


These apartments are so cheaply build The insulation between the condos is virtually non existent We can easily and clearly here conversations in the condo next door and the condo above us You can also have hardwood flooring in your condo just imagine living in a condo without proper insulation and a condo above you with hardwood flooring Each step is like an explosion above you I feel sorry for the people who bought a place here If you value your sleep you have been warned


Overal Rating

04-01-2014 24:39:26

Lots of problems

Fact is the sound insulation is pretty bad I have a hard time believing it meets code but the strata and my rental manager will do nothing about it Building security is a very big concern as well The people who live here allow unknown cars into the parking garage they do not wait until the door closes This has resulted in numerous car break ins on numerous occasions A few months ago the front door lock broke and the strata took about 3 weeks to fix it leaving the front door unlocked We've also had storage room break ins as well This building has a lot of problems I would not recommend an investment here

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