Meridian Gate

9288 Odlin Road

Richmond, BC

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Meridian Gate at 9288 Odlin Road was built by Polygon and designed by award winning architect Robert Ciccozzi Featuring 7 000 sq ft private clubhouse with a resort style amenities and resident concierge Close to schools major shopping centres restaurants parks and future Canadad Line and transit

Condo Reviews:

As the title implies worse place for families to live in I will be listing a number of pros and cons most of them cons some of it will probably go away after a few years Some of the things don't apply most will as the residence in the corners are designed differently the floor plan may vary 1 Architectural design the entrance and exit to the underground parking lot is poorly designed as it is not a straight descent down to a gate it bends to the side like an S shape going downwards When going downwards the resident gate is in front and the visitor gate is to the right which is dangerous as most people speed down the ramp unaware of any possible visitors leaving The amount of awkward sharp turns in the parking lot itself is ridiculous Parts of the parking lot have a lower car clearance space as there is piping and metal safety guards hanging down 2 Construction As this location is fairly new there is a lot of construction occurring nearby Two problems occur one being the noise the construction causes which is reasonable in a newly build area and the amount of shaking The shaking is one of the most dangerous and disturbing feelings you can have as you can feel the entire building shake A lot of the times the tremors are large not enough to knock things down but enough to feel uncomfortable and noticeable I question the safety and structure of the building all made out of wood


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3 Noise In addition to the construction it is also under a flight plan In this location the planes seem more of a problem as some of them do fly really really low enough to rattle the windows and to see details on the plane One time during the Winter Olympics jets fly by which caused an enormous amount of shaking and noise that I had to cover my ears Besides these there is also a number of youth that live here sometimes causing a loud ruckus either during sport games or near the clubhouse at night and daytime 4 Cars First of all there seems to be an increase in motorcycles or cars with loud engines speeding down Odlin Road which is dangerous and loud they occur mainly during the night Also the amount of drivers that don't follow road rules is a major problem For example there are a number of drivers that drive in the middle of a lane on the road leading up to the entrance its fairly narrow and the side has plants overgrowing the cement blockades In addition a lot of them don't check the mirrors that the complex owners have placed in corners 5 Smoking Where I live this is a disgusting problem there are people who smoke below at random times which drifts into the entire house stinking up the place I do respect people that smoke and that it is their right to be able to smoke however sometimes it is weed People smoke weed I hope it's just not me but I don't want second hand smoke


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6 Garbage Huge problem here people just plainly litter everywhere The first few months living here the large green garbage bins where over filled three of them full and people started throwing their garbage bags on the floor It was utter chaos Now it has gotten better when they installed a compactor but they made up stupid rules and fines throwing away something your not suppose to will result in a 200 fine no written rules given to residents or posted near the garbage bins The biggest problem is seen in the elevators and hallways There have been garbage thrown on the floor in the elevator and dog urine left on the floor a number of times Disgusting 7 Disrespect This is seem in the elevators it has gotten better as notices taped to the wall of the elevators have been ripped down and thrown on the floor And certain elevators have been vandalized with carvings of inappropriate words 8 Air This was a problem again during the first few months of living here There was one time when an individual decided to smoke in the staircase filling the entire stairs with the smell of smoke Another time was when the owners of the complex painted the elevator rooms in the underground parking lots and left it without ventilation for months This is a major problem as I didn't know if the paint gave out dangerous fumes or not This complaint was filed but the owner did nothing as the door couldn't be left open because of the security system


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9 Air conditioning This does not work there are 2 as after a certain amount of time it would start leaking water It can be fixed however if it is not used in a long time it starts leaking again There you go it is a long list of the problem with living here 10 Elevators There seems to be a large problem with it as it has broken down a surprisingly number of times Only a few good things would be how new everything is its all clean and the location Note living here you don't get second chances There is no warnings you just get fined


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