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Transformation of Sutton Place

Occupancy has begun at The Britt, a new Lanterra Developments condominium project created by the redevelopment of Toronto’s iconic Sutton Place hotel.

The Britt condo suites - former Sutton Place Hotel. (Courtesy Lanterra)

Sutton Place was built in 1967 and was known as a prime destination for celebrities visiting Toronto for many years. It even enjoyed a stint as the primary hotel of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lanterra acquired the 33-storey building at the corner of Bay and Wellesley Streets from a Hong Kong-based ownership group in 2012 with the intention of converting it into a condo. Sutton Place ceased operations that summer.

It took several years to make deals to get tenants renting 161 units on the upper floors (many of whom didn’t want to leave) out of the building, come up with a design, and obtain financing and City of Toronto approvals before redevelopment could begin.

“Because of various land-use issues, we had to provide 82 or 83 rental replacement units,” Lanterra chairman Mark Mandelbaum told RENX.

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