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"… Moved into Their 559-Square-Foot, Two-Bedroom Smart Home condo at Queen St. W. and University Ave

Micro condos offer affordability for millennials, corporate drop-ins

Buying a micro condo in Toronto was hands down the “best decision” Aram Hassanlee and his husband have ever made. They’re just steps from their respective workplaces and appreciate a simpler lifestyle rich in experiences.

“ We used to buy things that we’d end up storing but never using,” says the human resources professional. “Now we can use the money we used to spend on furniture and clothing on travelling and experiences.”

Hassanlee, 39, and his husband moved into their 559-square-foot, two-bedroom Smart Home condo at Queen St. W. and University Ave. in December. They forked out $451,000 for a corner unit that boasts expansive windows and a 144-square-foot balcony. “The design is smart so you don’t feel like the condo is small,” says Hassanlee.

While they’re not likely ever going to entertain friends there, that’s not a problem because they enjoy going out. They can also take advantage of building amenities like a party room and outdoor space if they choose. Unlike many condos, utilities are measured by unit so they pay attention to off-peak times to do chores like laundry to keep expenses to a minimum.

Smart House has garnered plenty of press since it was first announced in 2013 because its tiniest units at 289 square feet were to be the smallest condos ever built in Toronto and started at $239,900. Though its smallest suites appear as one space, they easily transform into living rooms and bedrooms, the developer assures. The units offer “a life of no clutter” for the “committed city lover, the weekday city dweller, the corporate drop-in,” Smart House notes on its website.

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