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Plans for Development on the Principles of New Urbanism

Guy said he based the plans for the development on the principles of "new urbanism," an urban design philosophy that promotes denser neighbourhoods, building housing close to shopping, repurposing abandoned areas, and strong public transportation systems.

Wayne Guy says 12-unit building would help breathe new life into downtown core.

A Yellowknife developer's big idea to shake up the city's downtown housing market isn't actually that big at all.

Wayne Guy, founder of Yellowknife-based Guy Architects, plans to build a 12-unit "micro-condo" building on 54th Street. The loft-style units would feature rooms about the size of two standard parking spaces, as well as electric cars to be shared among occupants.

"There's now an option to be in a more central location at a fraction of the cost and not have that burden of running a vehicle and starting at 40 below," said Guy. "They sound on the small side, but like boat design, there's not a cubic inch that's wasted."

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