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River Twin

630 8th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB

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River Twin at 630 8 Avenue SE is a 64 unit condo building Located near Fort Calgary Historic Park Bow River the zoo LRT and City Hall

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Overal Rating

02-26-2016 24:28:22

Great condo

Great building to live in with great neighbors and a thriving community I would recommend this building to anyone On of the first to go up in the east village rivertwin has an excellent location Minutes from transit downtown and city parks With an abundance of festivals in the summer there is always something going on and all are conveniently located


Overal Rating

06-13-2015 24:33:04

New Management Company Saves Rivertwin

This building suffered under poor management during the flood and the management got progressively worse after the flood The building has now switched management companies to a much more reliable one The location is fantastic condo fees are decent and we have a deal with Telus where our reserve fund gets something to the tune of 35 000 a year I ve never had a special assessment in 5 years and that includes during and after the flood


Overal Rating

14-07-03, 1:22 p.m.

Worst Managed Condo in Calgary

It took one year after the flood to get the ONLY elevator working Now it operates very intermittently This was the LAST building in the city to get a working elevator The property manager was blaming it on the lack of inspectors until the province got wind of it and forced a retraction The refurbishment from the flood has been a gong show It has taken over 1 month just to lay carpet in the common areas The new garage door failed within a week barricading all the cars in the parkade Everything is done on the cheap and will turn the place back into a slum within 24 months The noise from the railyard is incredible at night CP assembles their trains overnight and the noise is unbelievable Do not buy a condo in ths building You risk flooding and a very ineffective condo board coupled with a management company that is well below the standard would suggest that you look elsewhere A very very poor investment This is also a wood frame building not concrete


Overal Rating

13-07-02, 8:49 p.m.

2013 Flood

I am currently living in this condo when the 2013 flood had happened As you know this disaster was very wide spread and the city did a good job of managing this disaster We were evacuated from the building on the 20th of june 2013 and are still not back in july 2 The grid power was restored on June 29th but no information on the condo and re entry was provided The condo board did not do anything to try to pump out the parkade or check on the status until the 28th ish Instead of getting a contractor to pump the parkade like every other company in the city they waited for it to drain naturally costing days of time The electrical contractor looked at the box on the 28th and said that it had to be repaired but did not order anything still july 2 instead of getting someone on the problem 24 7 as they should as everyone CANT GET HOME they only started to do work again on the Tuesday after the long weekend This is ridiculous we have been out for longer than anyone else i know and they are sidelining the problem The building manager after being phoned by another tenants responded to a question by laughing and stating you probably know more about what is going on than i do The building is nice its clean and in a good area BUT the condo board and the BUILDING MANAGER TIM ALAN has done nothing to try to help get the tenants back into the building or provide us with reasonable information on the crisis The condo board ACMS has done nothing

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