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Orca Place

1166 Melville Street

Vancouver, BC

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average rating is 3 out of 5


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Orca Place at 1166 Melville Street is located steps to Coal Harbour Stanley Park Convention Centre community centre seawall Robson Street shopping and Burrard station Some units feature views of North Shore and Stanley Park This complex consists of 156 condo units and 2 commercial units

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Overal Rating

10-07-30, 5:38 a.m.

Buyers beware

We recently sold our rental unit in this building All we could say is do your research You are the one who will be stuck with the special levy bills that is if the identified problems ever get fixed


Overal Rating

10-09-13, 8:00 p.m.

Mixed bag

The strata council seems to be relatively on par with other stratas in the city The fees are low but that has resulted in a small contingency fund which has not been bulked up at all in anticipation of the upcoming roof replacement 2010 2011 even though the problems have been known about for years Instead owners have had to put up significant money towards the project in mid 2010 The project itself has been mired in some bidding process controversy owners had to jump through many hoops to see the engineering report they paid for and the property manager was changed At least there are no signs of any envelope leaks There have also been some minor issues with the sprinkler plumbing system and I would not be surprised to hear this to become a major source of issues and costs in the future Despite the third parkade gate installed on the exterior wall vehicle breaks ins are a regular occurrence although I do not know how that compares to other buildings in the area Strata readily allows owners to rent out their parking spaces to non residents and this practice is rampant which cannot possibly help security You will find getting rid of large items or packaging to be difficult as there is no general purpose refuse container Before buying or renting be sure to talk to the resident manager and strata president about all your concerns and questions and get professional opinion on the state of the building structure

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