Windows on the Green

3170 Erin Mills Parkway

Mississauga, ON

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4 5 storey low rise condominium building located in the former Town of Erin Mills Developed by Van Dyk

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The condominium community in this building and the neighbourhood is great Very quite neighbourhood and the building is very pleasant Our Condominium Board and Property Management are very active and constantly looking for ways to improve the facilities and keep maintenance costs low for us Very happy with their work My only issue is with the Van Dyk builders While they did a great job on some things They were lacking in other areas PROS 1 Exterior looks great very appealing 2 Excellent location On a trail and close to schools hospitals police and the city center 3 The condo is set up for a small community that will keep costs low no concierge and swimming pool for instance CONS 1 Quality of construction is poor wood frame construction basically a large house 2 Many issues with the roofing after only 2 years 3 The design choice is not the best for a long term view of the building The look of the building will become tried after a while and will need to be updated 4 The value of the products used inside the units is not great The handles and wood flooring are of very poor quality 5 Sound proofing is up to code whatever that means but I can hear my neighbours very clearly at speaking levels


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