Gateway Southcentre

11811 Lake Fraser Dr. SE

Calgary, AB

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6 floor elongated u shaped building in south east Calgary

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This building is awful They shut the water off in the entire building twice a month for repairs reschedule at the last minute 2 out of 6 elevators are currently broken No communication as to when they'll be fixed Mgmt does nothing about safety security or regulations Had our storage locker broken into Asked mgmt to check security system cameras they didn't even look Had to move the manager's office to the south entrance to deal with security issues of people leaving doors open and break ins and such Seen drug exchanges go on in the parking lot in front of the south entrance Last year they replaced stairs leading to courtyard from the building which took 6 months Now they've got new metal stairs installed that no one uses because they're too slippery to walk on Air conditioner never works We had it checked out by the company they recommend and it's still broken Hot air blows in the summer both in units and in the hallways Smoking is allowed pretty much everywhere so nevermind You don't get a break from traffic noise They didn't bother to build a sound barrier and you're only meters from Macleod Trail so it's constantly loud at all hours of the day There are two Guest Suites you can rent for visitors but you must provide everything Toilet paper towels sheets blankets everything Kind of pointless Only has a small gym No pool Party room for rent that almost no one ever uses


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