six50 King Street

650 King Street

Toronto, ON

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Soft loft style condo by Freed development

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We live in this building and have noticed that there is just a general lack of respect between neighbours Expect to have cigarettes thrown onto your balcony My wife and I have spoken to other couples in the building who experience the same thing There are parties every weeknight with people yelling at the top of their lungs at 4 5 AM Fisnik Basha the building's Property Manager is unresponsive and just seems absent If you have a problem don't expect any help or response for that matter from him There are many renters in this building My wife and I have spoken to many couples who have gone through M 5 V Realty Inc and they are experiencing problems as well with cigarette butts noise etc They would go through their sales representative I believe her name is Tiffany Stewart from M 5 V Realty Inc with any problems about the property and not even receive a follow up phone call or email Not to mention that this building is just really poorly built In our unit we've had to have the construction people come in and fix some major problems that left our place in a mess because they couldn't get it right the first time around For example the sliding bedroom doors don't close in the bedrooms you're left with a 5 gap so forget any kind of privacy We regret buying a unit in this building and will try to sell as soon as we can This is probably the worst condo situation we've lived in EVER and we've been in a lot of condos


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