Bankview Terrace

2221 14th ST SW

Calgary, AB

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Only good thing about this apartment was the view and the location to 17th ave Everything else was terrible The people that live in the building have been there for years most of them on the condo board so they feel like they own the entire building They leave notes at your door telling you you walk to loudly and will also call the cops on you when your literally laying in bed and claim that your having a party They basically harassed us until we decided to break the lease and get the hell out of there But of course the last thing they did was leave a dirty condom on our door knob as a farewell gift The management company new concept management is terrible they don't help you at all or even answer you back if you have complaints and they basically side with the people on the condo board living in that building So my advice avoid renting here you'll regret it


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This building has a great proximity to 17 Ave and a great view if you occupy an east facing unit unfortunately that is where the good news ends The building itself is quite old and in need of much repair The parkade is almost impossible to get in and our of and the Northwest see coming from the trucks and emergency vehicles tearing up 14 street is non stop But that is all minor irritations compared to the people that occupy the building Endless banging and noise can be heard through the old and poorly insulated walls and and least one but I suspect several long term tenants of this building have appointed themselves the unofficial condo board and leave frequent angry and threatening notes in the common areas The actual condo board is rarely heard from and if you are a renter then forget any kind of recourse because you have none DO NOT live here Yet what you pay for


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