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Bridge Condominiums

38 Joe Shuster Way

Toronto, ON

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First of the Bridge Condo developments along King West

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This condo isn't even registered yet and it's already a complete slum The developers have moved on to another project URBANCORP and have left various amenities unfinished and have outright lied about the cause The elevators are constantly down often all four at a time and management could care less about any issues They don't even answer the phone is there's a crisis Hot water is never hot but I guess I should be grateful just to have any hot water at all after a recent 72 hours when the whole building went without They even took the street number off the building and now no one can find the place Probably best considering the trash that lives there On early Saturday mornings I routinely wake up to someone having a party in the hall which is always followed by some sort of vandalism to the building most recently in the form of a smiley face drawn in blood on the hall wall This building is a disgusting excuse for a condo and the management company SIMERRA should be absolutely ashamed of themselves


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