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Waterfront Lofts Jonathan Segal Metrolofts Metro Lofts Water Front

2050 Kettner

San Diego, CA

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average rating is 3 out of 5


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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I live at Waterfront Lofts Little Italy Downtown San Diego Jonathan Segal Metrolofts Metro Lofts Water Front Managed by APS Management built by Del Mar Pacific with several addresses on Hawthorn and Kettner blvd Main address 2050 Kettner blvd Simply put this "luxury†building has no water The plumbing has been bad from the beginning but due to neglect it is now to the point where we are forced to call management when we want the water turned on There is no end in sight The plumber CAN NOT FIX THIS HUGE PROBLEM The only luxury here is a hot shower Yes I ve called every city state and government official but they are frightened because after investigating I found out the complex bypassed laws to be built and they all had a hand in it If the complex is reprimanded they will be also It's like freeing an innocent man if he is proven innocent it makes the prosecution team look bad In addition to Plumbing the Electricity is a cause for concern My computer was fried i had no surge...

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Overal Rating

11-05-28, 7:39 a.m.

I like living at the Waterfront

Anyone seeking information about the Waterfront Lofts should know this first There is one bitter resident going to every site they can and posting multiple negative reviews often under different names Those views are not held by the rest of us residents Most of this person's complaints are obvious lies and hyperbole which anyone can see through but just in case here are the facts We're in Little Italy a great neighborhood with restaurants galleries and by the harbor These are not luxury condos but urban lofts Our utilities work fine We had a brief problem with the boiler hot water We had plumbers then a boiler tech come fix it Hot water was never out more than brief periods There has not been a single outage since and it was the only one in my 5 years here Saying we have "no water†is ridiculously absurd We have a very responsive HOA board who IS elected They work diligently to resolve any problems broached We have a tight knit friendly and engaged community with good attendance at the Association meetings The person posting the 1 star reviews and yes we know who it is because there is only this one has never attended a single meeting I have no personal interest in whether people choose to buy here other than hoping they are cool friendly people who can play well with others My interest is countering the lies about our community because the rest of us love it here


Overal Rating

04-15-2011 24:55:33

LOVE living in this great complex

I couldn't say enough great things about living in the Waterfront Lofts We have amazing neighbors we live in one of the most desirable downtown neighborhoods the architecture of the building is magnificent and we live right on the bay We were having issues with our boiler a few months ago due to a faulty valve The one plumber that we called in did not know what they were doing and were unable to fix the problem After realizing that they didn't know how to fix it a specialist was called in and we have had hot water ever since Our grounds are well kept we have a gardener come once a week to maintain the plants and many of the involved owners take time during their days to go around and pick up any garbage that has been left on the property or they attend board meetings to give their thoughts on ways that we can improve the overall appearance As for the biker gangs at the waterfront bar if you are purchasing a condo here at the waterfront I highly recommend going to the bar on a weekend You will see that these biker gangs are groups of great guys who are just getting breakfast before heading out for a ride or are just getting back I was never told I was buying a luxury condo upon moving in and with our EXTREMELY reasonable hoa dues that is not at all what I was expecting But we do have a great community amazing neighbors and live in one of the most beautiful and friendly neighborhoods in the city


Overal Rating

11-02-19, 1:16 a.m.

Not Stretching On Sunday

I live at The Waterfront Condos and Love it I beleive Sundaystretch is STRETCHING things The building is under major renovation and yes there is construction it will be done soon better for it All buildings have issues the HOA is working dilligently to resolve them It is downtown so yes there are odors noises Biker Gangs If you consider working professionals in their 40 s 60 s who ride a Harley to Saturday BRUNCH a gang Plumbing issues yes the contractor is doing major renovations I have hot water no eletrical problems electronic maufacturers recommend surge protectors Termites we live in SAN DIEGO the HOA is getting bids to get rid of them Everyone should check out a place before buying or moving in to make sure it is for them Sounds as if someone should have before they did Buyer Beware Not necessarily just make sure it is for you


Overal Rating

11-02-20, 3:42 a.m.

About Waterfront Lofts

I understand your frustration with the issues you mentioned but I think that's due to a lack of awareness or experience in condo living Many more serious problems occur in numerous expensive high rises in Downtown San Diego However we are fortunate to have a dedicated HOA that is both responsible and responsive to solving these problems Also you forgot to mention our outstanding views of San Diego Harbor the uniqueness of each unit and a great neighborhood community to live in


Overal Rating

11-02-25, 6:06 p.m.

I use to live there Sounds like it's much Worst

Yes they had bad plumbing and poor management but it seems to be getting worst I considered buying there when I was a renter but I declined I m happy i did


Overal Rating

11-02-25, 6:16 p.m.

What a Dump and the People are Oblivious to Poor Conditions

I have a friend living there and I loved the location when i was there I was reading the comments about the view lol lol What good is a harbor view without the basics I can name several other problems besides water outages From what I was told the HOA 2 board members secretly appointed themselves without informing the other owners Now everyone is stuck with them and the problems associated with a dictatorship


Overal Rating

11-02-25, 6:21 p.m.

Warning very Frustrating Do Not But Here

I understand the owners wanting to protect their investment but this site is to warn people about problem condos and this condo has many problems


Overal Rating

11-02-25, 6:24 p.m.

Thanks for the warning

We had some of the same issues at another Jonathan Segal Abomination


Overal Rating

11-02-25, 7:17 p.m.

I did not want to lower the property value ony warn New buyers

in addition to the initial complaints the HOA fees are no longer LOW The board continues to raise them That was a main selling point in this building I was under the impression that The fees WERE low because there was no gym pool etc The Low HOA fees were suppose to cover Cleaning up and landscaping but both are non existent The building is not clean and the landscaping is terrible If the money is not used for the building's water electrically systems and not used for the exterior maintenance or pest control what is it used for

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