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Waterfront Lofts Jonathan Segal Metrolofts Metro Lofts Water Front

2050 Kettner

San Diego, CA

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I live at Waterfront Lofts Little Italy Downtown San Diego Jonathan Segal Metrolofts Metro Lofts Water Front Managed by APS Management built by Del Mar Pacific with several addresses on Hawthorn and Kettner blvd Main address 2050 Kettner blvd Simply put this "luxury†building has no water The plumbing has been bad from the beginning but due to neglect it is now to the point where we are forced to call management when we want the water turned on There is no end in sight The plumber CAN NOT FIX THIS HUGE PROBLEM The only luxury here is a hot shower Yes I ve called every city state and government official but they are frightened because after investigating I found out the complex bypassed laws to be built and they all had a hand in it If the complex is reprimanded they will be also It's like freeing an innocent man if he is proven innocent it makes the prosecution team look bad In addition to Plumbing the Electricity is a cause for concern My computer was fried i had no surge...

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