Stone Gate

370-410 S. Western Ave.


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I have never in my life regretted a decision more than moving into this condo Where do I begin The absolute worst part about this place is the parking Good luck finding a spot in the lot after 6 30 p m any day of the week The units are not completely filled and this is already a huge problem and has been for well over a year and half Thus far our association has done absolutely nothing about it Parking stickers have been suggested for a year but have yet to be implemented and if they are each unit gets one regardless of how many people live there If this is ever enforced my family will have no choice but to force someone to park on the street Funny too you'd think as a resident you'd deserve a parking spot For a while there was an issue with unauthorized people parking in the indoor spots belonging to others since they had no other options And how do you suppose the friendly neighbors reacted to this Some left notes on the cars threatening to sue the owners if they parked in their...

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Please refer to the description of this building to see what it's really like the parking is horrible the people that live here are rude the association keeps changing things and the security is non existent Half the locks leading into the buildings either don't open OR don't lock This place is complete garbage


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