Renton Ridge

975 Aberdeen Ave


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A horrible place to call home Moving here would be a big mistake and you would regret your decision within the first year The management company is slow to address safety issues and the association is full of holier art thou types who love their little slice of power and abuse it frequently High crime area despite the new development surrounding the property Drug deals going on on the corners with lookouts for cops Regular calls to the police for residents fighting criminals hiding out in someone's unit and every season we get a newsletter from the association telling us about all of the car break ins The newsletters also likes to stay heavy on all the things residents aka homeowners are doing wrong Parking can be a nightmare and if there is no spaces available to rent each month you have to park on the street and hoof it into the property each day Visitors are treated like criminals and their cars are often tagged with notices from the association even when parked in designated...

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The children at Renton Ridge have to attend some of the worst schools in Washington when they live here The Renton School District is poorly run and full of teachers who have long ago given up and stay for the pension


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