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Newport Cove Condominiums

Bass Drive, Bluegill Drive, Sunfish Drive


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Comprising roughly 100 units near the intersection of Annie Oakley and Sunset Henderson Nevada

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There are major construction defects although a lawsuit was shot down by homeowners who listened to developer propaganda in 2006 07 Replace orginial HVAC on the roof so a crane is needed to replace them Mold in walls granite was slapped on top of during the flip Leaking plumbing The entire wall section needed to be replaced Rotten wood trim around the units was painted over The staircases to the 2nd floor are shakey and need to be braced The stucco on each unit is cracking Major roof repair needs to be done on each building Roofs sometime leak on upper units The finish on the tub and shower peeled during the 2nd year and had to be re done The electrical wiring in the units is old and there are many problems with shorts especially the GFI s Bathtub drain on upstairs unit was not properly sealed and did 5 K worth of damage to our unit HOA Fees increase each year The board threatens capitol construction projects and special assessments from time to time The parking lot needs to be paved and resealed The units are not properly sealed from the elements Homeowners are finding that doors and windows need to be replaced to keep out dust and fill in gaps Fireplace flashings are old and crumbling resulting in leaks during incliment weather


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