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Sallal Gardens

3743-3749 Edgemont Boulevard

North Vancouver, BC

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These four separate structures were a series built in 1951 for J Eric Allan originally called the Capilano Garden Court Situated on both sides of Edgemont Boulevard this was a demonstration of an alternative form of housing in the Capilano Highlands development Each block contains four self contained apartments each with their own ground level entry These units are arranged in a pinwheel fashion and are visually separated by tall flange walls built with Roman brick The window arrangement ensures complete privacy between each unit Broad roof overhangs light coloured stucco cladding dark encircling beltcourses and ribbon and corner windows are used to modulate the mass of the structures Generally the forms echo the work of Frank Lloyd Wright but have been developed to suit local conditions One of the interesting aspects of the Capilano Highlands development was the attempt to create a complete community with different forms of housing and a central self contained shopping area with...

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