Mellis Gardens

11240 Mellis Drive

Richmond, BC

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Mellis Gardens at 11240 Mellis Drive is an age restricted complex Close to skytrain terminal shopping schools buses and Oak Street Bridge This complex was rainscreened and replaced roof in 2007

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Designed and built around 1986 1987 Mellis Gardens is suitable for healthy able bodied adults but is not convenient for disabled people who need wheelchairs walkers or crutches The one old elevator has no backup power and is not usable during fire alarms or power failures There are many manual fire doors Access to the parkade and garbage and recycling bins is awkward for persons with physical disabilities There are no common facilities to amuse children Resident age restriction is 19 The spa hot tub broke leaky pipes a few years ago and is not expected to be repaired ever The guest suite is spartan with a toilet sink but no bathtub nor shower Skytrain stations are 2 km distant but 410 bus service along Cambie Rd is good There is the usual city noise from traffic and aeroplanes


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