Sharon Manor

5791 Granville Avenue

Richmond, BC

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Sharon Manor at 5791 Granville Avenue is an age restricted complex Located close to public transit shops community centre Terra Nova Plaza the dykes and Richmond Centre

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This building is was an awesome place to live with one big BUT First the positives The building is quiet Quiet neighbours are GOOD neighbours and this building is full of them The property inside and out is well maintained and clean BUT with one major exception The building is over run with mice This problem started in early 2015 Before that there was the odd complaint about someone seeing a mouse However this year they are out of control I informed the on site building manager and I was told to set up traps That is their only answer to this problem I have set up traps and many of them I used to catch a couple of mice a day but they seem to have gotten wise to the mechanical traps and now avoid them completely I changed tactics and set up 2 glue traps behind my refrigerator and in 4 days I had a total of 9 mice stuck to the traps I have since set up more mechanical traps and glue boards but the mice seem to just run around them I can sit at night watching tv for a few hours and see 4 or 5 different mice run out from behind my tv and across the room I have traps set up all around this area and they now just run around them and avoid them SMART MICE I hope not The building management does not seem to care about this problem or about the frustration of the people who live here


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