Belmont Park

8540 Citation Drive

Richmond, BC

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Belmont Park at 8540 Citation Drive Close to park schools Richmond Centre future RAV line and recreation centre This complex consists of 66 condo units at 8540 Citation and 8 townhouse units at 8500 to 8530 and 8550 to 8580 Citation

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This building is suitable for those who have absolutely no understanding on what owning your own place means There's a gang mentality there and if you're not in that group then nothing you say or do will change things in fact you instead become the target for gossip stories and even flat out lies There are only 74 owners in the building and yet one person has nearly 25 to 30 proxy votes guess what you're out voted EVERYTIME and the best part is these proxy voters don't even know what is going on because they just don't care and afterall if it's not your problem as in you don't have to pay for it in any way shape or form then why worry There's much more to this story but I believe I ve done my bit here Not all the people are ignorant there are a few good folks there but when it comes down to it the majority wins and unfortunately the majority here are very ignorant careless irresponsible and gullible If I had known what I know now I would have steered clear of this place and saved myself from a decade of debt Don't believe me Check the mls ca and you'll see there is a strange range of prices


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