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Richmond, BC

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The Lagoons at 5600 Andrews Road Just seconds to the dyke and a short stroll to park Steveston V Illage pier restaurants and shops and minutes away from Gary Point Beach The Lagoons has a guest suite and gym Some of units feature views of the water and mountains

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Overall The Lagoons is a great building well maintained problem free with a good mix of people The location is fantastic with the river at your doorstep and Steveston village a 15 minute walk along the waterfront boardwalk However I fully concur with the previous poster's assessment of the strata council who suffer from bouts of megalomania They and their shill of a caretaker tend to be overbearing intrusive and difficult to deal with It almost seems as if they take pleasure in levying fines for rather spurious offenses In the quest to do so security cameras have been put to dubious use on more than one occasion to monitor residents movements It is really a shame as otherwise it's a fine building with some lovely neighbours If you're the type of person who can deal with such a thing it's a great place to live


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I enjoy living here It's been 3 years now The building is clean and the garden is very nice Since this building is a woodframe some noise can be heard from neighbors If you can tolerate some noise you'll like living here If not move into a concrete building which is noise proof


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Lovely condominium in Steveston South Lagoons located at the back with nice quiet road to walk to Steveston Village or the newer development London Station Problem free building in like new condition despite built in 1998 Cons Overzealous strata council will send of warning letters even for minisule matters Gerry a council member lacks diplomacy and tact She's peeved off a handful of owners with her letters Overall best strategy for new owner stay clear of building politics and cliques reminds me of high school and nosey caretaker


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