Rosario Garden

8297 Saba Road

Richmond, BC

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Rosario Garden at 8297 Saba Road Walking distance to future skytrain station Richmond Centre public market and school The complex features facilities including sauna hot tub gym and caretaker This complex consists of 89 condo units and 1 townhouse units at 6119 Cooney and 98 condo units 6 townhouse units and 19 commercial units at 8297 Saba

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this building is the worse building i ever lived in there is no access to any facility like pool and gym and the general manager is a complete joke a real jackass if you need a double buzzer you better take care of it yourself because he is gonna send you to hell before helping you with anything worse worse review this building also had a plane crash in it so you can expect some structural damage in a couple year from now


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