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Richmond, BC

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Residences at 7380 Elmbridge Way was built by Bosa Located walking distance to Richmond Centre restaurants and future skytrain The complex features fabulous facilities including gym hot tub party room guest suite and resident caretaker This complex consists of 133 condo units and 5 townhouse units

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03-10-2015 24:23:09

Glad I googled the review above Went to see a 2 bedroom that was going for 439 k Seemed appealing due to size but did my due diligence and looked further in the area and am now bidding on a place next door listed for 11 k LESS and it offers a swimming pool complete gym and sauna and it was only built in 2008 Also found the strata fees to be higher around 330 month which is peculiar since they took out the hot tub and there's only a ping pong table and some infrared sauna unit you could get at costco that needed to be maintained I asked the realtor why they took out the hot tub and she didn't know and kept trying to sell on some morning view actually also asked if the building was rainscreened since it was built before 2001 and could not get an answer good luck to the owners trying to sell this place the inside of the unit at least the on i saw seemed to be fine it was renovated


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This is a horribly managed place It takes forever to get anything fixed as with any other strata type building but man this place really takes the cake when it comes to fixing things on the cheap If you are considering to purchase a place here consider the following things mismatched paint on walls that try to cover a repatched hole all the mold and mildew on the exterior of the building They give us notices that the exterior is pressure washed but no one ever sees these supposedly hired people and the proof is in the existing mildew and barnacles on the outside of the building neighbours did anyone say hi to you or smile at you while you were checking this place out Probably not and guess what it doesn't get any better when you live there eitheir prepare to constantly smell garlic cigarettes and hash when you open the windows it gets better in the summer when all smells congregate into a big smell monster that seeps into your very clothes did you see the makeshift buttons on the elevator did you see the makeshift sign in the stairwell These are all signs that this place is poorly managed I feel sorry for the people who are retiring in this place For 30 k more you can purchase a place of approximately the same size right next door just built a few years ago


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