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Oceanbrook Apartments

1425 Esquimalt Avenue

West Vancouver, BC

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Oceanbrook Apartments at 1425 Esquimalt Avenue is an 86 unit complex nbsp Homes have ocean views nbsp Shopping and the beach are closeby

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Overal Rating

17-04-30, 4:06 p.m.

Living in Oceanbrook

Oceanbrook is a very well kept and tun building Has beautiful grounds swimming pools and a small gym People there are mostly older so building is very quiet but friendly I have kept friendship with quite a few people from there


Overal Rating

17-02-04, 4:37 p.m.

BEWARE favouritism cronyism rights for longtime shareholders only

Be wary As a new resident shareholder if you make a complaint about a neighbour or anything else it won't be addressed fairly unless you have a witness Even then the president and board will always favour longtime residents over newcomers because relationships have been built over years The president and board and some badly behaved residents will spread gossip about you and deem you the problem This happened to me It was a nightmare from the minute my next door neighbour decided to harass and abuse me She got away with it because the board refused to address her behaviour Then suddenly the blame was placed on me and I was sent a letter by their lawyer that if I didn't control my behaviour and stop sending them emails of complaint my lease would be terminated and I would be fined Oceanbrook is not a democracy in any form It is a pit of dishonesty where bullying and intimidation is the common mode of silencing innocent newcomers who realize what a hell they have bought into As their lawyer said to me What are you going to do You're all alone It's the most stressful situation I have ever been in full of hypocrites lacking the most basic of social and moral values Who would I recommend this building to NOBODY


Overal Rating

16-11-25, 1:32 a.m.

Maybe with the right board and board president

it would be a great place to live

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