Hartford Village Commons

1040 Hartford Village Blvd

Columbus, OH

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Hartford Village Commons at 1040 Hartford Village Blvd

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Gorgeous building I bought my suite in C Building when it was new and even after a few years I still loved it Overall the building was quiet and well taken care of The interior showed careful attention to detail and despite the occasional flaw was beautiful and very much the envy of my friends Going through new homes in Garrison Crossing I still haven't found any that quite compare to the quality level of the craftsmanship I never once heard my neighbors or their televisions My only complaint is that the strata only allows for one pet which I can understand may be a plus for some people In the summer the landscaping became a little lackluster and in some cases trees died since not everyone chose to water the plants outside of their suites The strata did what they could to keep the greenery alive but it was important that everyone pitched in when the weather got too hot


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