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Winchelsea - 3183 Esmond

3183 Esmond Avenue

Burnaby, BC

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average rating is 3 out of 5


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The Winchelsea at 3183 Esmond Avenue is part of a three building project by Adera The other Winchelsea buildings are at 3738 Norfolk Street and 3733 Norfolk Street The complex is conveniently located near Boundary Road and Canada Way for quick access to Highway 1 A beautiful little fountain greets you in the courtyard between the 3733 Norfolk and 3738 Norfolk buildings With no highrise buildings in the area views from the suites can be spectacular especially to the west and north

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Overal Rating

08-10-30, 11:04 a.m.

Location not perfect but nice building

I have a good friend who lives in this building and they also agree about the location There are no significant amenities nearby and they travel to Brentwood or the Superstore on Rupert and Grandview for their shopping and groceries Suite is nice though but I might have issues with the location Clean building and the landscaping is well maintained


Overal Rating

08-10-25, 6:59 p.m.

Location Could be Better

I have been in the building on a few occasions and have been overall impressed with the complex but not with the location You are right next to Canada Way and really there are no services like groceries etc close by I think there is more development going on in the area so this may change On the plus side suites are a good size and grounds are very well kept and lush I have heard rumblings about some work maybe needing to be done there but really not sure Would look into that before buying


Overal Rating

08-07-22, 1:54 p.m.

Better Location Would Be Nice

The building is not bad like the overall street appeal and the suites are nice but really what I want say is that the location is not great you are backing onto Boudary and as far as services there is really nothing within walking distance you feel cut off a bit in this location and seems a little misplaced to me I also heard that there may be some work needed on the complex but thati s just somehting I heard so I cannot confirm that

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