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72-17 34th Avenue

72-17 34th Avenue

New York City, NY

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72 17 34th Avenue at 72 17 34th Avenue

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11-08-19, 9:08 p.m.

72 17 34th Avenue The Windsor BEWARE

If you are considering the Windsor I have three words BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE The Windsor on the surface look like a dream come true That dream turned into my biggest nightmare First let me state that the Windsor was completed during the great depression Because of this behind the gorgeous architecture on the outside the walls are hollow and the infrastructure sometimes is filled with 1930 s newspaper on the inside due to lack of material resource is during the depression Making the Windsor the furthest thing from sound proof Also make sure to ask the board if there were any known problems in your unit with neighbors that are unstable un neighborly or intolerant to noise or make noise If they say no and it turns out that you purchased one of the many "problem units†I would take legal action against the board for lying If anybody were looking to buy the unit I previously lived in which I will not mention I would tell them to run and run fast or have 130 000 dollars knocked off the price for the same reasons you would if it were a house next to a toxic dump because your downstairs neighbor will be toxic and the board or management will not help you in this matter

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