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Timberlea - The Maple

3737 Bartlett Court

Burnaby, BC

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average rating is 3 out of 5


average rating is 4 out of 5


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The Maple located at 3737 Bartlett Court at Timberlea is one of three Timberlea towers The others are The Birch and The Oak The Timberlea towers are one of the most convenient complexes in terms of shopping and transportation for they are located right next to Sky Train and Lougheed Town Centre The inner courtyard is very beautiful and well kept The complex has full amenities including an indoor pool pool table and much more

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Overal Rating

06-10-2008 24:39:33

Nice But High Maintenance Fees

On the outside this complex is not the most appealng to me looks like most other older concrete high rises I must say that once inside though I was impressed The suite I was in was a good size and the freind I was visiting took me down to the pool area wow it is like a hotel the pool is vary large and well taken care of not to mention the ammenities room we had a game of pool and darts it is a bit dated but not like anything you will find in newer buildings If there is a downside to this building it is the maintence fees my freind told me he were paying somewhere around 300 The other thing is the lack of in suite laundry All in all though pretty good place

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