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905 West End Avenue

905 West End Avenue

New York City, NY

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905 West End Avenue at 905 West End Avenue The amenities in the complex include a door attendant There are 53 units in the complex

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09-03-17, 1:06 a.m.

It was a nice building until the super changed about 5 years ago bedbugs came 3 years ago and Samson management acquired it 2 years ago The super acts like thug around tenants he must have been a jailer at his previous job We had property damaged when tenants did not act upon his orders and they can't get rid of him because he is union Bedbugs are a recurring problem and the new hallway rugs are a great breeding ground for bedbugs and spreading them into other apartments And Samson with poor taste in interior decorating catering to rich folks with same defaced the lobby in the most absurd way They also recycled fixtures from the building's public space and used them in the renovated apartments for which they are charging premium Yes the hallway chandellier looks lovely in the foyer of the 8 room apartment but if I were buying a 3 million apartment I would want something newer not necessarily something that was gather dust over 30 years hopefully they cleaned it before they hung it up inside but can never be too sure

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