Chelsea Commons

313 W. 22nd Street

New York City, NY

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Chelsea Commons at 313 W 22nd Street The amenities in the complex include a door attendant There are 26 units in the complex

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For a long time I lived on the same block within stone's throw or less distance of this building and I have visited it too many times to count One of the first things to know about the building is that it has a severe roach problem and management has attempted to control it in the past using toxic chemicals Of course New York City compared to its otherwise high regulatory standards is comparatively forgiving in regulation of chemical pest control The other problem with the building is that it lacks the benefits of a co op and it houses more than one problem resident in terms of neighbors it is not nearly as good as any co op or many fine condo buildings On the other hand it is a building that manages to keep up appearances moderately well and it is on a good block I would not live in Chelsea Commons but I understand why some people would


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