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1301 Soho A Condominiums

1301 Howard

Tampa, FL

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1301 Soho A Condominiums at 1301 Howard

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11-10-2011 24:12:08

Location and location only

I rented a unit in this building for a few years At first it was nice and kept clean And the location was great All the bars and places to eat and to shop up the street The places are really meant for only 1 person 2 people living in a 540 sq ft place is really pushing it Once the property management changed tt's been down hill ever since I have seen more rats running across the tops of the buildings at night than ever before along with roaches in the hall ways People are allowed to have pets in the building so the dog feces and urine is a norm to see in the hallways No one seems to clean up after their animals At least the old property management used to powerwash weekly Now lets move on to the plumbing system good luck I hope you get renters insurance that will pay for all your damaged items It's no secret in this place that the pipes are old and brittle I ve heard from at least 5 other renters that I still keep in touch with since I have moved out that have had pipes burst in the ground as well as in the walls ruining their property The building and property management have taken not action to benefit the oweners or renters in these situations