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Tuscano at Suncoast Crossings

1710 Villa Capri Circle

Tampa, FL

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Tuscano at Suncoast Crossings at 1710 Villa Capri Circle The amenities in the complex include a fitness room and theatre

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09-08-04, 12:57 p.m.

We lived here for one year in a second floor 2 bedroom condo The construction is terrible You can hear everything from the people above you simple walking was a disturbance Upon move out the management completely took advantage of us You have to pay to hire a professional cleaning person through Tuscano which we were aware of Once our deposit came back they charged us an additional 50 on top of the 100 cleaning fee They said there was grease behind the stove when pulled out Who is to say that was not there prior to us living there Who checks behind a stove They have a very nice pool here but due to people drinking at the pool so much there was always the problem of glass being in the pool Majority of the renters do not pick up after their dogs and there is dog poop not only in the grass but also on the sidewalks I would not recommend living here It looks pretty but is going down hill unbelievably fast Also the gated community was not gated the entire year we lived there The gate was open because it was broken the entire time which lead to strange solicitors at your door

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