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Carmel Valley

3877 Pell Place

San Diego, CA

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Carmel Valley at 3877 Pell Place The amenities in the complex include mini golf

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09-09-11, 4:02 p.m.

Poorly Built Condos

I have to say the location of Pell Place and the appearance of the community is great The condos are relatively new and the exterior amenities and gym are pretty good although there is no pool or spa area There is a nice grass area to walk dogs and great BBQ grills The ground floor condos have generous patio space and most of the upper units have nice balconies as well My main complaint is that the builders did a TERRIBLE job eliminating the noise that you hear from your upstairs neighbors Hardwood floors were installed in most of the condos when they were built and they were not at all soundproofed and you can hear every footstep that your upstairs neighbors take It is really bad when you are trying to sleep and you hear what sounds like a stomping stampede upstairs and are kept awake as a result Unless you live on the top floor I would not recommend living here In addition the Property Management is rarely there or available and they usually do not return calls instead you have to keep calling continuously until you are lucky enough to get someone on the line In addition they really don't do much to resolve issues that you have