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Cliffs Condominiums

12123 W Bell Road

Surprise, AZ

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Cliffs Condominiums at 12123 W Bell Road The amenities in the complex include a swimming pool

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11-03-06, 6:17 a.m.

Worst Best Location Ever Prize

It is a great location it seems they would be worth a lot but when you get there it smells like pee there are shady people everywhere tweekers drug dealers and tons of animal smells I saw apartments here and one was even 19000 nasty nasty nasty Nasty rude owner Old apartments that are re mudded to look newer Under the walkways you can see the wood rott I cant believe such a great location in surprise would have its one ghetto apartment complex Really great great location but I would never move there in my life Dont move there with kids It might have pools that look nice but that doesnt make up for all the other stuff HOA fee is REDICULOUS PRICE