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Del Camino Villas

220 N 22nd Place

Mesa, AZ

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Del Camino Villas at 220 N 22nd Place The amenities in the complex include a swimming pool and spa

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13-03-23, 6:16 p.m.

It is a beautiful complex with 4 pools and spas Some units were built 1985 0 r earlier and some built in 1996 The older ones are showing some rot and seem alot older Some rentals and some snowbirds and some old grouchy ladies that snoop around Generally a nice quiet place to live Upper units are preferred with high ceilings and sky lights 2 stories are nice with main floor pool access HOA are not quick to act on owners behalf apparently uless you are one of the board of directors Would reccomend this place for cleanliness landscaping and location

Del Camino Villas


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