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Westwood - 2990

2990 Boulder St.

Abbotsford, BC

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average rating is 3 out of 5


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average rating is 3 out of 5


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Westwoods at 2990 Boulder Street is one of two buildings in this immaculate complex located in West Abbotsford The Public Library and Police Station are right across the street while you are only minutes away from Matsqui Recreation Centre schools of all levels banks and restaurants This upscale condo features spacious layouts and plenty of windows Amenities include a recreation room that has a kitchen These units are great for newlyweds investors or retirees

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Overal Rating

15-03-15, 9:36 p.m.

Nice place

Pros Lots of nice young renters in the building Walls between units are quite sound proof Great layout in units Strata is great at keeping the place look nice Friendly neighbours Close to schools pubs stores and entertainment art gallery library and walking distance to Exhibition Park Cons The design of the buildings around the parking lot amplify any noise in or around the area so keep that in mind if you are getting a unit that overlooks the parking lot If you get a unit that faces away from the parking lot you will have to contend with the noise from the police and fire station across the street or the bright lights from Exhibition Park Underground parking is tight and difficult to maneuver if you have a big car or truck Don't park in the visitor parking lot unless you want to get towed at some point while you live here your car WILL be towed no matter what precautions you take Sometimes you will get a crazy who moves into the building who parties hard and causes problems for everyone else Those usually don't last long and they get evicted pretty quickly Generally nice families live here so it's a good place to live if you have a quiet lifestyle and like to get out a lot


Overal Rating

10-05-29, 10:05 p.m.

2990 boulder street

This is a nice looking but that is all it is It is al cosmetic There have been problems with water damage vandalism to the building and theft from vehicles The units are overpriced and the residents are unfriendly and rude The majority of the units are rented out and not to very good tenants There isn't a restriction on dogs which there should be and that is on height and size I rented thinking of owning and very happy that I hadn't There is only ONE elevator for the entire building and that is the ONLY way to gain entry from the building unless you walk outside of the building to get access to a vehicle There is problems with the elevator not working and when someone is moving in out you are SOL It isn't a building I would recommend in purchasing in with the issues it has If you don't mind people letting doors shut in your face and don't hold elevators where they know someone is coming especially if their unit is across the hall from where you live this is the building for you Loud parties and drugs are at an all time high Drug dealers hangout in the parking lot and street and people smoking crack marajuana out on their decks it isn't a building that you woud expect it to be

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