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Emerald Plaza

3410 Coral Way

Miami, FL

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Emerald Plaza at 3410 Coral Way

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09-02-18, 10:10 p.m.

Foreclosure in process not a good choice

This building is one and half years old and and I have lived here over a year The best part about the building is it is cheap 1 200 to 1600 per month compared to the other buildings on the block and it is close to Miricle Mile stores The worst part has been that the apartments renting from Renzi management company are in the process of being foreclosed because Renzi hasn't paid the bank in 6 months Other bad things include 1 the maintenance is slow 2 management has been really unprofessional about handling the forclosure and are rude on the phone 3 Renzi is renting out space on the first floor and brought in a cigar company cough cough terrible smell for a month until the business decided to leave So I would recommend living somewhere else

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