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5989 Walter Gage Road

Vancouver, BC

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Corus at 5989 Walter Gage Road Located in UBC close to shopping entertainment and recreation The building has 24 hour concierge service and surrounded by 20 000 sq ft gardens Some units have city mountain and ocean views The complex features 61 units with 47 condo units on 5989 Walter Gage and 14 townhouse units on 5979 5997 Walter Gage

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Overal Rating

10-06-05, 3:38 a.m.

The Corus is a Wasteful strata and the concierge is not 24 hours as described

I used to own in this building but sold due to the ineffective council and property management The concierge by the way is not 24 hours a day as stated in the description The concierge works 7 hours a day and is not security in any sense of the word He arrives late often and leaves early and owners pay 55 000 a year for this service the fellow does not know how to do any form of maintenance or small caretaker tasks He washes some floors once in a while and polishes the elevator and otherwise sits at the desk staring at the monitors and or sleeping he doesn't even say hello to you when you come into the building or walk through the lobby


Overal Rating

10-06-05, 5:43 a.m.

Leasehold disadvantage UBC fees

Owners at this leasehold building called the Corus also pay huge annual fees to UBC mostly for services they do not receive and or do not use They pay twice for garbage pick once to their own counsel and once to the UNA University Neighbourhood Association The costs most unnecessary for living in this building are astronomical and quickly going up they had an increase of 7 and then another of 6 and the council tried to put through a 15 increase The average owner in this building will be paying 1000 a month in maintenance fees within the next 5 years mainly due to complacency and council resistance to change Combining the UNA fees and the land taxes paid as rural land taxes amount to considerably more for a 1400 square foot condo than neighbours in Point Grey east of Blanca Street pay for a full 3 storey house of more than 3000 square feet on a freehold land lot This is ridiculous and to make matters worse the UNA is basically controlled by a group of aging academics who don't have a clue nor do they seem to care So the UNA imposes whatever it wishes on the community with zero input Too bad as otherwise this would be a great place to live

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