Royal Park

117 Royal Park Drive

Oakland Park, FL

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Royal Park at 117 Royal Park Drive The amenities in the complex include a clubhouse and exercise room

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SQUALOR Thats what one of the residents was cited for living in So much trash in the apt took them 2 weeks to clear it out Bug problem is awful Condo says they dont check apts yearly This is terrible to allow such a situation to take place the people are still living in the unit and no agency is overseeing the clean out or spread of infestation of bugs Violations are still in the unit and the sheriffs office has given them an extension to fix the violations 2000 pounds of trash took a long time to collect in the apt Even the town doesnt want to get involved with this situation no government agencies its like the condo can cover up whatever they like and the public will never know the sunsentinal has never responded to a phone call or email either Be aware of Building 109 in Royal Park Condos in Oakland Park FL This problem has been going on since MAY 09 just before I moved in infact it was from my continual complaining that the property manager discovered the situation in the apt adjacent to me with commom kitchen wall which is not a fire wall this condo is studs sheetrock and plywood Quess they didnt need to use concrete walls in 1974


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