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Portofino Gardens

1100 SE 4th Avenue

Deerfield Beach, FL

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Portofino Gardens at 1100 SE 4th Avenue

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12-01-03, 1:47 p.m.


I have to agree with the other person who reviewed Portofino This was once a great place to live close to everything people actually would help their neighbors we had BBQ s where all were invivted But since this new board has taken over it has been a nightmare to call this place my home I am in the process of selling my unit now I will make the new owners very aware of what discrimination and lack of voice the owners have with this new board Everyone here is now at everyone's throat The president Ida Belle Bost no longer lives on property but still has a unit Her motto running for President was be fair to all but she has been only fair to a FEW There are owners that are or have filed law suits againest the board and Ida Belle Bost personally One man lived here with NO LIGHTS for 3 weeks becasue she refused to fix the electric panel before FPL would come turn his lights back on it had NOTHING to do with non payment Right now this place has a virus that is growing out of control and the virus is Ida Belle Bost and her board of puppets that knows what she is doing is 100 wrong but they just let her do what she wants If you buy or rent here right now you will wish you listened to these reviews I can not wait to move out of here into a place that treats all equal I would not recommend my worst enimie to this place


Overal Rating

11-11-21, 12:56 a.m.


Portofino Gardens is no more a great place to live No one can live in peace with this current board in place The board President is very bias and discriminates againest persons she does not like She has been harrising many people and she has some people actually gave filed law suits againest her personally and the entire board If you want to live in peace and harmony Do not move in to Portofino Gardens President of the board is Belle Bost

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