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Grande Corniche

6240 McKay Avenue

Burnaby, BC

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Grande Corniche I at 6240 Mc Kay Avenue is one of two Grande Corniche Towers The other is located at 6220 Mc Kay Avenue The two towers are conveniently located right in Station Square and next to Metrotown Centre Right across the street you will find the Library as well as the Crystal shopping centre Transportation is never an issue with quick access to Skytrain as well as buses The complex is quite unique and is often referred to as the buildings without balconies Instead you get spacious suites and living areas The two towers also offer full amenities and views of the North Shore mountains the Fraser Valley Central Park and much more

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Overal Rating

10-07-15, 7:33 a.m.

A well kept building with a strong strata

I have rented a unit in this building many years ago and was always very happy Now I am buying an apartment in this great place A location second to none with outrageously great views of the surrounding area As the song goes you can see for miles and miles and and so on A well kept recreational area with a great pool hot tub and exercise area A beautiful 4th floor rooftop lawn with fountain I recently watched a wedding taking place there and it looked great Burnaby public library Crystal Mall millions of square feet of shopping mall skytrain and bus circle access point I don't really know how this could get much better I understand that some people might be disgruntled because of a certain parties dispute with the strata council over a debt resolution My reading of the minutes this happened before I bought suggests that the strata council should be congratulated for not bowing to pressure in this matter Anyway I love the building and the area and strongly recommend it as a great place to anyone interested in a friendly atmosphere with lots to do


Overal Rating

10-03-30, 5:40 a.m.

Grande Corniche 6240 Mc Kay Ave

The strata for this building is absolutely horrible and the management company is not that much better It seems like the only answer to the building's problems is for the strata to threaten it's tenants with legal action There was at one time two or three legal issues with the building and of course who suffers but the owners of the building I am a past owner and would never ever even think of investing there again nor would I recommend this building to anyone who wants a problem free home or investment If you really like a suite there then make sure you read all the minutes very carefully and know what the current issues surrounding the building are before purchasing


Overal Rating

08-09-10, 5:37 a.m.

Is all OK

I have visited units in both buidlings in the complex and am uncomfortable with the state of mainitenace I was in one unit that had water ingress to the point of having the floor in the corner by the outside wall wet My undertanding at the time was that they were aware of the problem and fixing it by painting and sealing the outide of the building This is just what I heard so am not sure of the details As well I cannot remember which building it was I do rememeer that the other buidling claimed to have no problems which I found interesting as they were built togehter and are basicaly the same I don't have any evidence for sure so all I am saying is be carefull and read al you can have an inspection etc if you are thinking of buying here

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