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Kennedy Estates Condos

4810 N Lavergne

Chicago, IL

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Kennedy Estates Condos at 4810 N Lavergne The amenities in the complex include an exercise room There are 22 units in the complex

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10-08-25, 3:26 p.m.

Wouldn't recommend it

I visited this place at an open house and then I came back to see a unit a few weeks back and the building still isn't done They are still doing construction and I heard from some tenants passing by that their units still aren't finished after they moved in It looks like a great building at first glance but it doesn't seem like they have it together I wouldn't recommend that anyone rents these units The location is good because it's right off of 90 but with construction you can't get to it adn have to take the exit before If you are going to rent and spend the money you should try to get a building that is ready and up to par

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