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Deming On The Green

416 W Deming Place

Chicago, IL

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Deming On The Green at 416 W Deming Place

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09-02-02, 12:04 a.m.


I had the chance to go on the website www demingonthegreencondominiums com and visit the sales center for this building It is very cool According to the materials they had available the building is going to be LEED certified and use geo thermal heating and cooling Although I m not completely sure how the geo thermal system works none of the unit owners will ever have a gas bill and the assessments will be really low as well since the building will be so energy efficient It's a pretty neat clean lined design also It's really modern looking yet still tasteful All of the finishes will be top of the line A Lthough it's expensive it's much more reasonable than any of the other new construction buildings near that location It's right next to the park and lake And they allow dogs

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