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1547 Mississauga Valley Boulevard, Mississauga, ON - Aspenwood Towers II

Aspenwood Towers II
1547 Mississauga Valley Boulevard
Mississauga, ON


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Aspenwood Towers II is located at 1547 Mississauga Valley Boulevard.

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Reviews of 1547 Mississauga Valley Boulevard, Aspenwood Towers II:

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    Reviewed on Feb 25 2015

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"Paper mâché!! "

DO NOT RENT HERE! I have no idea what material were used to construct this atrocity! You can hear noises from every single surrounding apartment! Children screaming couples arguing and dogs barking! 90% Indian! 2 parents an aunt an uncle and 4 kids living living in a 2bdr is the norm here Laundry room closes at 10.. Don't expect to get your damn clothes at 9:50 because the doors locked!!! Terrible elevators! Noisy noisy noisy! Security does absolutely nothing... Infact I've never seen them, when you make a complaint nothing happens. You complain to the management and there response is "document all the noises you here and submit it in writing".. Who the flying fucccc has time for that!? It cost 2$ to purchase the little things to place under the chairs to avoiding the screeching! All crappy vintage wood flooring where if you drop a pin it sounds like a boulder! Don't fall for the bullshit incentives!

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unregistered user on October 13 2016:
Do not rent in this building: 1- there are many reports of car theft. There is no security. Building management doesnt care about any issues including security. 2-elevators are getting renovated for the past 8 months and waiting time can be over 30 min in the morning and afternoon. Imagine coming back from work or going to work waiting for 30 min for elevators. 3-not a clean building, cockroach in kitchen. Carpets in the corridors are dirty and didnt get clean for many years. 4-there is no gym or indoor pool 5- there are noises coming from other neighboors through the walls
unregistered user on October 14 2016:
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unregistered user on October 14 2016:
unregistered user on March 28 2017:
This building is not safe at all. This building get a lot of break and there is no security on the building. The mama gent do not spend money on the building to give the people safe
unregistered user on March 28 2017:
Worst building ever! No safety!

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