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119 20th Street, Courtenay, BC - The Tides

The Tides
119 20th Street
Courtenay, BC

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The Tides at 119 20th Street is the 2nd phase of the Tides. There are 15 units each at 111 20th Street, 115 20th Street and 119 20th Street. This is a riverfront condo with views of the mountains, river and the ocean. What to shopping, restaurants, the air park and marina.

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There has been serious issues with construction. Support beams were installed incorrectly and caused major construction faults, they were supposedly corrected when it was found 10 years in, but there remains a question if there are more. Construction is cheap.The council is completely ineffective and the president rules exclusively by personal favoritism. Strata rules indicate small dogs only, but large dogs abound and often are allowed off leash and owners neglect to pick up after them. All rules and regulations are ignored by residents and nothing is done by council to correct it. Landscaping is horrible. Strata fees are one of the highest in the city.The sprinkler system is dated, (along with everything else), and is in need of replacement and repair. Crime and theft is the highest in the city, having your property stolen is expected. Drug deals go on regularly in the parking lots. Dumpster divers are a daily occurrence and it's dangerous going to the bins as some are known criminals. It's on a pathway from the bar and it's a rare night not to be woken up by bottles being broken and drunken arguments. The property manager is just dismissive but he has little worry since the strata has exhausted all strata property managers in the area and no one will take them on.It's a nightmare to give this area a pass.

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