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205 1st Street, Courtenay, BC - Puntledge Terrace

Puntledge Terrace
205 1st Street
Courtenay, BC

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Puntledge Terrace at 205 1st Street is a condo building within walking distance of downtown Courtenay. Some of the units overlook the Puntledge River.

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    Unregistered User
    Owned a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Jan 1 2010

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"Puntledge Terrace "

Puntledge Terrace is a gem of a place. Right on the Puntledge River with no road noise. Perfect for retired folks who just want to enjoy the river view and the wildlife that abounds in and around the river. A must see.

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Retirees, Professionals, Investors

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unregistered user on September 18 2010:
I've been advised not to buy in this building as it's a "maintenance nightmare" to the point where some banks won't give mortgages for it. At a beautiful spot on the river though.
unregistered user on August 1 2012:
The base construction is solid...floors and layouts are well thought out... The worry if there were is one...would be the post construction modifications... These are far eclipsed by the warm demeanor of the inhabitants.
unregistered user on February 1 2018:
It's a great complex, well-designed, and you can't find a better location. Quiet, on the river, tubing and fishing just beyond your front lawn. At the edge of Old Orchard and just a short walk to the village, theatres, restaurants. Lots of younger people live here in addition to retirees because it's kind of the last stop before you head up to the winter sports at Mount Washington.
unregistered user on February 19 2018:
When I first came to Courtenay in 2006, realtor advised many problems with this place and multiple suites were for sale. Now, I find occupants quite happy and sales don't come up that often. Does anyone know what has changed?

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