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9126 Capella Drive, Burnaby, BC - Mountain Wood - 9126

Mountain Wood - 9126
9126 Capella Drive
Burnaby, BC

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The Mountain Wood complex is located in the Simon Fraser Hills area. This complex consists of many buildings on Centaurus Circle, Saturna Drive and Capella Drive. Please have a look at the map located in the Photo Gallery section.

Mountain Wood is surrounded by trees and natural green space. The complex comes with a pool, sauna, and an exercise room. Plus, Lougheed Town Centre, SkyTrain and Simon Fraser University are all close by.

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    Owned a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Apr 8 2009

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"Where can you find crisp
clean air and still be
close to town?"

What attracted me to this complex is it's location and clean air! We just moved out of a trendy donwtown Vancouver loft and I was exhausted by the noise, pollution, bars spilling out. Yet I am not about to completely trade the city girl in me for the country lifestyle with the 2+ hr. commute into town! Mountainwood is a gem for those like me. It is located on beautiful park grounds, well maintained trails, a salmon stream, old growth trees, and an organic community garden across the street! It's pet, family, rental friendly, has a pool and sauna, and is close to two skytrain stations. There are 3 schools near by; an elementary, Burnaby High, and SFU. Shopping? Sure, it's close to Lougheed mall, steps from a bus route and it seems to be sitting right in the centre of things; next to Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody and New Westminster. It's close to town, but far enough to enjoy the CLEAN air! Where else can you find an arrangement like that these days for this price? You can't. Sure, the building is not pretty on the outside, but the suites are planned out smartly. I also like the private doors each unit has, it gives a more townhouse feel rather then a typical apartment style hallway...and least but not last, the patios/decks are huge! Yes, it is self manged. The positive aspect of self management is that you get to participate in making decisions about your property rather then relying on a management that you don't know.

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Retirees, Families, Professionals, Investors, Students, First Time Buyers, Young Couples

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    Visited a unit in this building

    Reviewed on Aug 5 2008

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"Nice setting, But"

I have visited a few different units in this complex, which consists of a number of buildings. The area is great, all the trees make for a quiet peaceful setting, but, and it is a large but, this place feels like a project. I know that is not a nice way to describe it, but I can't think of another way. Also you just get the feeling that things are not very well taken care of here, maintenance seems to be lacking. The other thing is all units are accessed from their own outside doors, which because it is a multi level complex gives it the feel of a motel type building, as well I am not sure how secure I would feel walking up and down the stairs to the units at night etc. Overall I would not reccommend this complex, I think there is better out there for sure.

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unregistered user on January 7 2010:
I like how the units each have their own door - it's because they're "townhouse" units, as opposed to "condos" which are more like apartments that are owned, not rented. The "motel" style, is actually "terraced" which is really nice, as every unit gets a great deck and view. I would recommend this complex, its trees are beautiful, great location, friendly neighbourhood, love it!
unregistered user on August 9 2010:
I love the terraced feel of this complex, the property is not meticulously manicured but it has a wild feel to it, after all it is at the foot of a mountain with coyotes and bears and woodpeckers, woodpeckers and mature trees, fresh air, an hour commute to downtown vancouver, I think you have saftety issues, maybe you had better stick to the "safe" city.
unregistered user on July 14 2011:
I live here and I can attest to it's safety! People living here are awesome and the maintenance crew is great! Sure, the place is a little worn - but that is easily overlooked by the premium location. If you want to live in a quiet forest in the city - this is the place. PS - Do you have a kid? Walk across the street to school. High school is a 10 minute walk. SFU a bus/car ride away. I call it the triangle of education. Love it!
unregistered user on January 21 2015:
I would appreciate a review if you actually live there and not just your thoughts. Thank you, I think otherwise. I live near commercial station, and I'm surrounded by crime.
unregistered user on October 28 2015:
I have lived there for 20 years, on the 2nd floor and I have never once felt insecure nor have we ever been the victims of crime. Seclusion is awesome!
unregistered user on April 7 2016:
The complex is extremely run down, did not like the fact that the manager skirted around questions regarding there depreciation report, other than they are looking after major concrete work on many of the underground parking lots. It actually looks worse than some of the government projects around the lower mainland. I definitely would not buy in this complex and maintenance fees are outrages for such an old deteriorating strata. Lovely area but needs to much work and with that the buildings are 40 years old!
unregistered user on August 19 2016:
^ To the writer of this review. You wrote our anonymous letter! ...You used some of the same wording. Maintenance fees are currently high to avoid one large payment on fixing the 2 Free parking spaces that we all have. This is clearly explained in the strata minutes.
unregistered user on February 1 2017:
I've lived at mountainwood for 2 years now. Safety has never been a concern. Car was broken into under our place. I'm more worried about the strata management then anything else. It is a project filled with a bunch of clueless people who think they should get more money for this shit hole.Investors from Asia have made offers and these clowns think they should get location value..lol Seriously stay away from this place. It should be destroyed though soon enough.
unregistered user on February 6 2017:
i so agree with the unregistered user who left their comment on feb 1, 2017. The clowns who are opposing the sale is a 11 member group who thinks they should get 3 times of what is currently on the table plus 2 years rent free living plus relocation expenses plus first right to buy in the new development ... self destruct in 5...4...3...2...1....
unregistered user on July 19 2017:
This complex is self managed and managed very poorly. Repairs are done by seniors who live in the complex with no trade abilities so everything is done Micky mouse. The strata manager lies and talks in circles if you bring up any concerns. Great area, horrible building!
unregistered user on March 25 2018:
these negative reviewers are actually connected with the developer - their goal in making negative comments is to lower the perceived value of this incredible property.
unregistered user on April 15 2018:
No these negative reviews have nothing to do with any developers. The reviews are on how poorly this complex is managed and the poor state the building are in.
unregistered user on April 19 2018:
Yes the buildings are in poor state and they will only continue to deteriorate. I noticed some of the units at the end of Capella look like they have serious mold issues. Strat fees are only going to go up and up to maintain these units - this complex is old. I understand people want to stay because they have lived here for a long time and they don't know where to go but I say take the offer and run. If you can put a hefty down payment on a brand new place or buy another place that's not quite as old but well maintained then do it. At the end of the day the land is only worth so much to an investor. You aren't going to get $1M for your place. Most people have probably lived here a long time so they will be making money on their unit. Use your heads....special levies are going to kill you and there's only so much repair you can do.
unregistered user on July 6 2018:
To the previous commenter: what a joke - "the land is only worth so much to an investor". In the GVRD? walking distance to skytrain? non-throughfare community with schools all around and nature surrounding it? Every negative comment here is from someone who wants to cash out (understandable) or is linked to a developer. This land value will only keep increasing, which is why developers are trying every tactic to buy it now, rather than to wait while the value keeps going up. Considering the current low-density of Mountainwood and the massive land area it covers, developers will make a ridiculous amount of money when they rebuild and densify (look at the recent builds at the corner of Noel and Beaverbrook down the street). Hold on to your asset, Mountainwood. Sure, improve Strata issues as they come up, but don't 'grab the money and run' like the previous poster says.
unregistered user on September 6 2018:
I used to live here and all I can say is run....and run fast. The contingency was robbed by someone who had assess to the money a number of years ago and rather go after this individual....they raised the strata fees. The strata also did a bandaid job before they had a depreciation report done to try and cover up rusted and crack foundation before it was started. Safety....not at all. One occupant actually drove his truck into a bunch of other cars and cement pillars one night for some unknown reason. The roofs are flat and have poor drainage and have leaks. I could go one....oh like the wire is so poorly done in these places that it’s a fire trap waiting to happen. Just run
unregistered user on September 21 2018:
Wow, interesting how all of the earlier comments are positive, but as the land developers are circling, people have a lot of bad things and accusations to say. It is to their benefit to grab your 16.5 acres when it looks like you're in financial trouble, hence all of these remarks! I am actually super-impressed with how this formerly self-managed strata has handled the work since they got their depreciation report! It is amazing to get all of this work done without an assessment! Good job by the strata manager and the strata council!

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