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688 Lequime Road, Kelowna, BC - Wildwood Village

Wildwood Village
688 Lequime Road
Kelowna, BC


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Wildwood Village at 688 Lequime Road

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    Reviewed on Jun 18 2017

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"Wildwood II 688 Lequime

Been living here a few years now. I find the maintenance of the building very good. When items are brought to council members or the Strata manager they are dealt with promptly. As with what appears to be a problem as in every other condo is some renters. As they have no interest or stake in the building they are inconsiderate of those below them or feel the Strata rules do not apply to them. All occupiers receive a copy of the Strata bylaws. Some renter are good and some need an attitude adjustment and some are immature and feel like they should not have rules applied to them just like when they lived at home with mommmy. Thank goodness only 4 rental units are allowed. As with most condos they are not built for raising children. U can hear people walking above you if you have stompers living above you. If you have normal walking people then it not an issue. The view and the openess is great. The area is fantastic. We enjoy living here and would highly recommend this building as a place to live.

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Retirees, Professionals

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unregistered user on July 26 2017:
This condo is manly for retirees or those getting close and not suitable for children. Probably OK for those close to being empty nesters. Nice development and building is well maintained. Friendly but not nosey people. Well looked after.

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